The geological mix of sandstone, siltstone and mudstone in the Spanish Point area makes for some of the best reef breaks in Europe. Surfing began in Spanish Point in the late 1960’s when travelling surfers from the UK and America came here to explore. Many left equipment behind and so the locals began to experiment.



The first local pioneers were lifeguards who worked at Spanish Point beach in the summer months. In the early 1970’s a group of locals continued to surf throughout the winter and from that point the popularity of the sport has grown exponentially with many people now visiting the area specifically for the world class waves.

White Water Surf School have been operating at Spanish Point beach since 2007 and in that time have trained countless locals in the sport.




In many respects Spanish Point is the perfect surfing destination with a wide variety of wave types suitable for everyone from the complete novice to the hardened pro, and everyone in between. The beach at Spanish Point is ideal for beginners while the reefs to the north cater for the needs of the more advanced.

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